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Protecting Valuable Intangible Business Assets

Almost every business relies on intellectual property and confronts the challenge of protecting and leveraging that property while respecting the rights of others. The experienced Los Angeles business lawyers at Steinbrecher & Span LLP represent our clients in the selection, registration, licensing, policing and enforcement of all types of intellectual property.  We advise clients in a variety of industries on trademark, copyright, trade secret, internet and other varieties of intellectual property.  Our three principal intellectual property practice areas are:


  • Licensing of technology and related patents and know-how in connection with the establishment and operation of a wide variety of joint business structures.
  • Licensing of know-how and related proprietary rights in connection with the manufacture of technology-related equipment.
  • Negotiating and documenting a wide range of sale and license transactions involving as a principal component intellectual property rights.
  • Negotiating computer and information technology-related contracts, including facilities management agreements, software development and distribution contracts, software licenses and software as a service (SaaS) agreements.  We frequently represent clients on licensing issues arising from joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions.
  • Conducting “due diligence” examinations related to the acquisition of businesses or formation of joint ventures that have, among their assets, patents, copyrights, trade secrets, or other significant rights.
  • Preparing opinion letters regarding proprietary rights matters in transactions in which significant intellectual property rights are involved.  These include financing transactions in which intellectual property rights are pledged as security.


  • Counseling on the selection and planned use of trademarks, trade dress, copyrighted material and celebrity persona.
  • With respect to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, conducting searches of possibly conflicting marks, filing registration applications, opposing applications filed by others, filing and defending cancellation proceedings and maintaining a docketing system for filing renewals and incontestability affidavits.
  • Counseling on all aspects of copyright protection for authors, publishers, performers, motion picture and television producers and distributors, and software developers.
  • Securing and maintaining trademark and copyright rights in other countries around the world.  We are able to coordinate trademark registration filings worldwide through our extensive network of foreign legal correspondents.
  • Developing internal programs and appropriate documentation to protect trade secrets, manufacturing processes and know-how and other confidential information – for example, processes to prevent “reverse engineering” and noncompetition agreements to protect client lists.
  • Auditing clients’ intellectual property rights and providing related counseling.

Dispute Resolution

  • Litigating matters involving infringement or dilution of trademark rights, including infringements from “grey market” imports (i.e., imported products bearing unauthorized trademarks) ranging from sunglasses, T-shirts and stun guns to automobiles.
  • Internet domain name disputes in federal court as well as in online arbitration proceedings.
  • Counseling, litigating and resolving disputes arising from infringement of trade dress (i.e., the overall “look” associated with a product or service) – for example, claims that a company’s product design and store layouts were identical to those of an out-of-state competitor or claims that the design and materials of a furniture line were identical to those of a competitor.

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