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The experienced Los Angeles business attorneys at Steinbrecher & Span LLP have been defending businesses and business interests for decades, and with our firm's sophisticated business practice comes the experience to handle business torts. Like contract and warranty disputes, business torts affect businesses of all types and sizes. While many of the underlying claims are consistent across cases, the situations in which they arise and the appropriate resolutions vary greatly, and clients of Steinbrecher & Span LLP benefit from our personalized approach.

Big-law experience from a boutique firm

Every one of our attorneys has more than a decade of litigation experience, and partners Alan Steinbrecher and Robert Span each boast more than 30 years in practice. While our partners and attorneys share a history of experience in big law firms, we formed as a boutique business litigation firm to nurture a certain firm culture that meets our clients' needs:

  • Personal attention & access — All too often, sophisticated business clients contract with a litigation firm and find themselves in the dark on progress and billing details, and even unsure of which attorney is handling the case. Our attorneys reject this negative dynamic. Our priority is our clients, and keeping you informed and engaged in the litigation plan is part of our mission.
  • An eye on your bottom line — We are litigators, and every day we see the incredible effect that electronically stored information has on the cost and time associated with pretrial discovery. By understanding your business and the industry, we are honest with you about which claims can be resolved short of litigation. When we handle a bet-the-firm case, however, our litigation experience is unrivaled in advocating for your business.
  • Broad experience — While our attorneys focus on diverse practice areas, all of us share significant commercial and business litigation experience. We recognize that no matter the industry in which your business operates, at the core, all businesses face many of the same legal challenges.

Representing and defending businesses in business tort claims

Business torts are a frequent driver of litigation for businesses, and these issues can crop up in conjunction with or separate from contract and warranty disputes:

  • Breach of fiduciary duty — An individual acting in a fiduciary relationship with your business has a high duty of care, but all too often fiduciary duties are breached. If the trust and confidence of your business has been breached by a trustee, board member or other individual, we work with in-house counsel toward accountability and redress.
  • Abuse of process — There are many legitimate disputes brought against businesses, and we honestly assess claims against your business and potential liabilities. Occasionally, however, legal actions are brought for illegitimate reasons, which can be expensive for businesses and distract in-house counsel from day-to-day operational responsibilities. Our litigators have experience defending businesses against such claims.
  • Interference with contractual relations — When a third party interferes in a contractual relationship between your business and another, the resulting dispute or breach can reduce business opportunities, damage business relationships and lessen the client base. Relationships and reputation are everything in business, and our experienced litigators can help you seek redress, and repair what has been broken.
  • Theft of trade secrets — Trade secrets can be at the heart of your strategic operations, and the theft of this intellectual property, by an employee or another, can affect your competitive edge. These claims often overlap with employment issues, and with experience in both business and employment law, we are well-positioned to represent your business.
  • Trade libel or defamation — A business stands or falls on its reputation, and word of mouth can have a substantial effect on how a business and its products or services are perceived by potential clients and partners. Libel and defamation claims are serious, and our business litigators work with in-house counsel to address them seriously and swiftly to minimize the harm to your brand and reputation.

We can help when your business is the victim of a business tort in Los Angeles

Like contract and warranty disputes, tortious acts can severely affect the ability of your business to operate. When internal strategy and trade secrets are wrongfully leaked, or trust is violated by someone in a fiduciary relationship, your business is vulnerable and exposed. Our firm is dedicated to your success, and we prioritize holding those accountable who have wronged your interests.

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