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A boutique law firm that understands and values the relationships between business owners

The structure of the American business is founded on the men and women who come together for purposes of sharing a common dream. At the root of this structure are human relationships, which can be complicated and conflicting. Unlike in the personal realm, however, when a conflict develops between one or more partners or shareholders, there is a business at stake. Steinbrecher & Span LLP has helped countless businesses through these conflicts, keeping the interests of the business at the forefront.

Businesses can expect more with our boutique, client-focused litigation firm

We are a boutique litigation firm that combines the experience of a large practice and the personal attention of a small firm. With our business litigators representing your business in a partnership or shareholder dispute, you can expect more:

  • Personal attention  Through our extensive experience working with businesses of various sizes and in different industries, we know that no two businesses and no two business disputes are the same. A one-size-fits-all strategy does not work to resolve partnership and shareholder disputes effectively, and we dedicate time and attention to understanding your situation.
  • Understanding of businesses  We understand businesses because our attorneys and the firm have worked with businesses for decades. But we also have a deeper understanding of businesses and the human relationships underpinning them, because we, too, are a business.
  • Communication  Having spent years in large firms where the flow of communication is highly structured and hierarchical, our attorneys understand and appreciate the importance of communication with clients. Our firm is founded on the premise that routine communication and responsiveness are integral responsibilities of law practice.

Legal counsel and representation for clients embroiled in business disputes

There are many professional and personal reasons that business relationships can deteriorate. For example, a breakdown in trust can occur or a perceived disparity between one partner's contribution and share of profit. Additionally, because partnership agreements do not always need to be in writing, ambiguities regarding contribution, share and responsibility can create conflicts. When this happens, you or other individuals in your business may be facing a legally actionable claim:

  • Shareholder disputes  Steinbrecher & Span advises and represents businesses through majority and minority shareholder disputes appearing in the form of:
    • Termination of employment
    • Refusal to pay dividends
  • Removal from the board of directors
  • Denial of access to company information
  • Breach of fiduciary duty — When business relationships sour, so can partners' commitment to the company. Our firm has substantial experience representing businesses in breach of fiduciary duty claims. We have experience representing business interests after a partner used corporate assets for personal benefit, engaged in competitive activities or otherwise breached a fiduciary duty.

Through our experience advising and representing companies, we have an understanding of the effect that personal or familial relationships can have on business operations. These relationships can create and exacerbate existing disputes, and family-owned and -operated businesses benefit from our experience negotiating and resolving these nuanced disputes.

Trust our firm to understand your dispute and prioritize resolution that best serves your interests

Our Los Angeles-based business litigation firm serves all kinds of businesses struggling with internal partner or shareholder disputes, from family-owned mom-and-pop businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Rely on us for negotiated solutions in addition to business-focused litigation strategies. Contact our team today to learn more.

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