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Los Angeles-based employment lawyers facilitating dispute resolution between employers and employees

Employees are the backbone of a business. Without the workforce needed to follow through on production and productivity obligations, a business has little to offer. While employees are essential to day-to-day business operations, when they become a source of litigation, our employment and business law attorneys are skilled at negotiating agreements amenable to both the business and the employee. When an agreement cannot be reached, you can trust us to defend your business, because litigation is our business.

Representation with a focus on your business and its bottom line

You can expect more with our employment litigation attorneys:

  • An understanding of your industry — Often, claims made by employees have to be considered within the context of the business and industry environment. Our attorneys have firsthand experience with numerous industry types, better positioning us to come to the table in your defense.
  • An eye on your reputation — Disputes with a current or former employee are frequently known around the office or beyond. Pending claims can affect office morale and productivity, and reflect badly on your business in the public eye. We understand that your reputation may be at stake, and we consider the scope of the dispute and its potential effect when crafting a negotiation or litigation strategy for you.
  • An emphasis on cost-effective representation — Few, if any, employment disputes are bet-the-company cases; rather, your goal is often to resolve the dispute with minimal harm to the business and its operations. We are always conscious of the growing cost of litigation, and our priority is a representation plan that respects your bottom line.

Advocating for your business against employment claims in court and out

Our business litigation attorneys are versed in all aspects of employment law and litigation, and we have a reputation for excellence defending employers against:

  • Discrimination claims — Claims made by employees on the basis of age, sex, race, national origin or religion are among the most frequent, and they can be damaging to a party’s reputation.
  • Alleged whistleblower retaliation claims — It can be difficult navigating the treatment of an employee after internal company misconduct has been alleged, and even legitimate interactions between a whistleblowing employee and the company can be construed negatively by an employee.
  • Claims regarding purported violations of employee benefit plans — Benefit plans can be complicated disputes to investigate and often require coordinating among in-house counsel, current employees and outside companies. As a boutique firm, our compact structure enables us to communicate efficiently and effectively with all those necessary to quickly resolve the dispute.
  • Theft of trade secrets or other intellectual property — Your trade secrets and intellectual property are what elevates your business above the rest, and when a former employee takes this information, the potential leak can be devastating to your corporate strategy. If your business has been a victim of this business tort, we understand the need to act swiftly and hold the offender accountable.

Business litigators with an emphasis on employment-related lawsuits

Partner Robert Span handles employment litigation, and his many years of experience in the aviation field place him among the top litigators for employment-related lawsuits in the aviation industry. Geoffrey Stover has handled a wide range of employment cases, including those involving whistleblower and trade secret claims.

We can help your business navigate employee disputes and employment-related lawsuits

If your business is facing a dispute from a current or former employee over alleged violation of benefit plans, or your business has been served with a lawsuit alleging discrimination or retaliation, our business litigators can help in-house counsel quickly and efficiently resolve these disputes. Contact us today.

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