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The experienced Los Angeles business attorneys at Steinbrecher & Span LLP’s seasoned litigators defend business and corporate interests, including those of Fortune 500 Companies, through various stages of the legal process and at the trial and appellate levels. We tailor the process and our representation to a client's desired outcomes, which requires a sophisticated understanding of the issues and an appreciation for the industry in which the business operates.

Diverse legal experience benefiting diverse business and corporate interests in Los Angeles

Our firm has assembled a top-notch legal team of attorneys. We share an extensive foundation of business and corporate legal practice, but our individual practice areas give the firm the flexibility needed to handle an array of complicated business litigation:

  • Contract & warranty disputes — Disputes concerning contracts, whether pertaining to the contract's provisions, a party's ability to live up to its terms, or the express or implied warranties contained therein, can affect business relationships, slow or halt production and productivity, and affect your bottom line. Our team of attorneys provides seasoned legal counsel and crafts a legal solution around your business interests and the stakes of the contract or warranty dispute.
  • Antitrust, unfair competition & trade regulation violations — We have worked with numerous businesses, providing representation against alleged antitrust, unfair competition and trade regulation violations. We help your business operate within the bounds of these laws, and benefit from them.
  • Business torts — To be successful and make meaningful contributions to their customers, businesses often must take calculated risks. Occasionally, doing so opens the door to litigation, both from within and outside the organization. We have extensive experience defending businesses from tort claims, including internal breaches of fiduciary duty and external interferences with contractual dealings, theft of trade secrets and alleged violations of anti-competitive practices.
  • Franchise litigation — Businesses adopt a franchise model for numerous reasons, but first and foremost to expand the company brand and influence. Our attorneys assist clients with negotiating franchise agreements and upholding the terms of these agreements when a dispute with the franchisee arises.
  • Insurance coverage — By its nature, operating a business involves risks, and while these risks are vetted through comprehensive cost-benefit analyses, not all liabilities can be avoided. Insurance coverage options for businesses are varied, and in addition to representing insured businesses when issues of liability arise, we also assist clients with making coverage choices. Our attorneys communicate and coordinate with in-house counsel and counsel for insurance companies to mount a calculated defense on your behalf.
  • Partnership, shareholder & family-owned business disputes — As with personal relationships, professional relationships can sour for many reasons, and disputes between partners or shareholders can threaten the very existence of a business. When a business relationship is also a personal relationship, as in family-owned businesses, disputes become even more complicated. We prioritize the success of your business and help smooth transitions resulting from partnership, shareholder and family-owned business disputes.

In all areas, our attorneys focus on providing out-of-court solutions to the legal issues your business is facing, but if going to court is the best course of action, our dedicated litigators are prepared. Additionally, our team has valuable appellate experience, should your case need to be defended in a higher court.

A business-oriented firm for your business litigation solutions in Los Angeles

The experienced Los Angeles business litigation lawyers at Steinbrecher & Span LLP represent business and corporate clients in California and beyond, because today's commercial client is no longer confined to a particular geography. Contact their knowledgeable legal team now.

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